Our Food

"Feel Good Food"

Our menu is extensive as we create seasonal family-style dishes for our meal boxes and fun casual creations for our Neopolitan-style pizza. Each item is created with an open flame in mind. We incorporate elements of old-world roman domed oven cooking techniques with new-world flavors and recipes. From a fire-cooked marinara or fire-grilled shrimp chimichurri, Blue Blaze adds the flavor! We also find it important to diversify our menu for those with allergies or dietary restrictions. Read all about our different styles and their purposes.


Subscription Box

Weekly boxes delivered to your door!

Our Subscription box is designed to take all the work out of dinner. Weekly meals can be customized to you or chosen by Blue Blaze for a surprise box. Always made with wholesome filling ingredients. Whatever fits your needs we got you covered.

Wood-Fired Menu

The Perfect Choice

If you're not interested in once-a-week meals and want more customization. Then we offer one-time purchases. This means you can pick and choose through the meals we have to offer. Always made with wholesome and filling ingredients. Maybe you want Wood-fired lasagna every week or maybe even every day. This gives you all the options!


Extra Sides Please

Offered as a "One-Time Purchase"

This latest addition to our menu has been highly requested by many. We know how important a complete and balanced meal is, so our side dishes can be added to your orders at check out.

Neapolitan Pizza

Artisan in every way

Blue Blaze Prides itself on making the best Pizza crust around. Our 48- 56 hour process creates the perfectly chewy, flavorful, airy pizza dough that you crave. Specialty toppings like our chimichurri, chorizo and pickled jalapeno pizza make for a special experience! Most importantly Italian imports such as San Marzano for our red sauce and whole-fat mozzarella complete the classics. Only served for events/catering.

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